Radha-Krishna Mehandi Design


Mehndi is one thing that all Indian women love – not only because it is an important part of our culture, but also by the beauty of the design looks when Mehandi are adorned with it.

Mehndi is actually a kind of a natural dye from the leaves and stem of the tree of henna. It is now being used as natural dyeing agent and the art of mehndi has spread worldwide. In Western countries, mehndi is being used as a temporary tattoo also. It has especially gained tremendous popularity in the temporary tattoo industry.

We are usually quite used to seeing mehendi luxurious and complex designs for weddings. But there are also some very simple mehendi designs that look elegant and beautiful and can be done for any type of occasion. These designs require very less time and are usually simple and sweets that add a touch of color to the hands, but not clutter your hands or give a look on-deck.

Here we have shared 12 mehndi Such simple designs that you can test easily:

  1. This is a very nice design but easy to Mehandi hands. The design is mainly in the thumb and index finger. It’s pretty simple, but you can still easily do to any occasion to call attention to your hands. Great if you’re attending an engagement ceremony Sangeet or friend of a friend!
  1. An example of an easy mehndi design for hands which can be applied on any finger mehendi shown. Sometimes that will focus on hands or fingers – as a commitment or your wedding day, you can use this type of design for your finger. This is especially true for women who do not like heavy mehendi designs. It will be very nice if you do this on the ring finger.
  1. We loved this design and nail art matching feet. The design is very simple, but it looks lovely. The use of red mehndi gives a sense of the bride look different and can be placed by anyone. They fit most brides and additional accessories such as toe rings make it even more beautiful.
  1. mehndi love but do not want to apply luxurious designs on your feet? Try this very simple and small design that is very easy to do. This will not interfere with your style and will blend in quite easily. This is for those who love small and uncomplicated designs.
  1. If you like floral motifs and also love using mehndi on their feet, try this style. This sweet and simple design mehendi can be done by anyone for any occasion. The use of mehndi makes more prominent the feet and this will also be good for office goers who love small designs on their feet.
  1. Like the application of henna? Try this simple model is very easy to do. And this will look great in the hands of everyone; whether your daughter or your account. You can make additions to this design and make it a full design one too.
  1. If you are new mehndi application, then you may like to settle for one of the simplest initially mehndi designs. Behold! We have the perfect design for you! This design flatter anyone, regardless of age. It will also look good on brides and because of their participation as well. The designs are not messy and are simple enough to be treated at home.
  1. Recently there has been a new trend in mehendi, and increased use of glitter and stones. The use of glitter and stones looks good and can sometimes become bored with the same old mehndi colors and variations. Glitters and stones that give a wide range and can be easily installed to any color of your choice! Glitter is applied mehndi and pearls and stones are placed according to the design. The colors used can be changed or manipulated according to your computer. This seems particularly attractive in the contemporary bride.
  1. This design is very different from the usual mehndi styles that are used to seeing. The design is predominantly simple, however, is unique. Perfect for a modern woman who likes to mix traditional fashion.
  1. This is another simple mehendi designs that is suitable for beginners. The design is great for any occasion. Unusual patterns in the fingers make this unique design. Is the predominant use of shapes and geometric points, which is quite easy to do – even for beginners.
  1. We love this still fairly simple mehendi design. The design leans slightly toward the traditional side. The colors and motifs used for mehndi are basically very simple. This is suitable for any occasion and will make your hands look complete without filling it completely.
  1. If you need a simple design with very less reason and that is basically restricted to only the back of the hand, try this super chic design. The design in the middle of both hands is quite easy to do and is simple enough for any occasion. To fit women of any age. You can also display this design mehndi palms.
  1. The back of the hand is nicely decorated using this design has very few reasons, but nice. The design covers most of the space in their hands but not untidy and design on the ring finger is what makes this particularly suitable design for a compromise.
  1. Here is a very simple design for the feet. It has a floral and leaf pattern. The design is very simple. The most attractive feature of this mehendi art is the way the design is giving an impression of an anklet been spent.
  1. We know you love mehandi coated feet then what put this beautiful and unique style? The spiral designs are very unique and beautiful and this design will suit any occasion. Even brides can make this design in your feet. There are small details in the design that make it look very simple but elegant. Predominantly spiral design can be customized to give a fuller look.

We hope you love the designs we have compiled for you.