Latest Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Kids


Top 5 hand back mehndi designs in 2016

Mehndi designs are a form of body art that is widely practiced in the Middle East, Asia (especially in India), Arabic countries and some parts of Africa. It has been a custom in those areas for thousands of years, and it is still the practice to date. People get mehndi designs on their body parts, mostly the hands and the legs. There are several reasons people choose to get the mehndi designs apart from the wedding ceremonies purpose, such as enhancing self-beauty, boosting self-esteem and confidence and adventure.

In the modern world, mehndi is literally like having tattoos. The difference is that getting a mehndi design is not painful at all so anyone can actually get them. They are cool and fun to have, and vital traditionally. If you hate pain (like myself), you should quit the thought of getting a tattoo and go for mehndi application instead. What’s better is that you can have several different styles all the times. With mehndi, you will not be trapped in one design like you would if you have a permanent tattoo so why not go for wild and adventurous?

Now you have already decided to get mehndi designs. Where can you choose to have it where the world can see? Most people like to get back hand mehndi art designs because it is certainly the most attractive part of the body to get mehndi on, mostly because it is exposed and so people can clearly see your lovely mehndi design. They can be used for beauty at any occasion because there are several designs for nearly all the occasions you will attend. Backhand mehndi designs are an excellent choice for those who do not wish to wear bangles everyday or change them because all you need is to get a neat backhand design that can last long. You will not need to worry about changing your bangles and all those worries you may have, back hand mehndi has got your back.

Let us explore some of the best hand back mehndi designs in 2016.

Top 5 back hand mehndi designs for kids

Children have to look beautiful too! They like looking lovely and colorful. In fact, a niece of mine once got shocked when her mother jokingly said that she did not need to get mehndi on her hand because it is too much work and that she will get tired of waiting or even fall asleep in the long process. To our shock, she burst into tears. Her mother was equally shocked and after inquiring from her, she told her mom that she wanted to look pretty too, just like her girlfriends. As you can imagine, her mother was left without a choice, so she got what she wanted.

As a parent, you do not wish for your daughter to go through so much stress to become beautiful by getting a mehndi artwork. Your pretty princess should not be made to sit and wait for long hours in order to get back hand mehndi designs that are super complicated. They will not appreciate sleeping while they are getting mehndi designs as they want to be involved in every step as well. You have to make their experience comfortable and fun too!

We have the solution to that problem, and you will no longer hear your child complaining about how they hate the mehndi beauty because of the time they had to sit and wait for it to be completed. They love to be beautiful too so let them have our simple back hand mehndi designs specially designed for them. We love them, and we want them to enjoy every moment in a party, a wedding or just at home.

Have a look at some top back hand mehndi designs for children that are rocking it in 2016.


Many other more back hand mehndi designs will make you look charming in 2016. The choices we have will leave you spoilt and impressed as well because they are freaking beautiful.

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