Tips on KarwaChauth: How to Enjoy, With less tiredness and lot of Joy!


Fun Activities on Karwachauth!

Karwa Chauth is one of the romantic Indian festivals that is celebrated as a special day by married couples. Even unmarried girls who have someone special in their lives also keep fast on this day. Girls who are engaged and are in their courtship period also follow this festival with great pride.

Tips on KarwaChauth: How to Enjoy, With less tiredness and lot of Joy!All women on this day feel very special. They are pampered by their life partner, parents, siblings, in-laws and all the family members. They eat sargi in early morning hours before the day arises. Then they pass the whole day without even a sip of water. They wait the entire day for that moment when the moon appears in the sky. As soon as moon arrives, their day long wait is over and they enjoy that special moment with their husband.


For such a rigorous fast where they are not eating and drinking water for whole day, they can easily get tired. Despite that, Indian women eagerly await for this beautiful festival. And why not? As they get a day filled with lot of love, happiness and care from the most important person of their lives.

But all women can still enjoy this day of fasting to the maximum without getting tired. Following tips can help you with this:

  1. Best way to conserve your energy is indulging yourself in some activity which can keep you excited. At the same time, it should not drain you out on this special day of yours.
  2. As women love to put mehandi on their hands and feet for this day, they can spend their mornings in selecting mehandi designs for themselves and friends and get it done together.Karwa chauth fun activities: Mehandi
  3. Couples can enjoy some romantic moments by listening to their favourite music and love songs together on this day. It is also a great idea to watch a romantic movie together.Tips on KarwaChauth: Romance
  4. Women love to get dressed up nicely on this day as that is a symbol of their love towards their husband. So, women can go shopping to buy a great dress with their friends, family or with
  5. These days, online shopping is in trend as various designs and variety of dresses are available. So online shopping can help women select the best outfit for day and that too without getting tired.Tips on KarwaChauth : Online Sale
  6. For evening pooja, women decorate their thali nicely. They can spend some time in discussing decoration ideas for their special pooja thali. They can do that with different materials with vibrant colours like red, green, pink, orange.Tips on KarwaChauth: Thali Decoration
  7. Husbands can also make this day more special for their wives by surprising them with gifts, roses, bouquets. They can transform this day into a wonderful memory for their life partner.Tips on KarwaChauth: Gifts for Wives
  8. After opening the fast, the couple can enjoy a special dinner date and that too at special place. This can be decided together or can also be a part of the surprise by husband.

Tips on KarwaChauth: Dinner DateKarwa Chauth is a glorious festival which signifies martial bliss. Women get ready in their best dress and with lots of ornaments, bangles, tikka, sindoor etc It becomes a memorable day when husbands reciprocate the love of their wives in best possible and great way! May you all women, married or unmarried who believe in this festival strongly, enjoy this romantic day with your special one! May you all get lots of love on this Karwa Chauth, to be cherished forever.