Images of Simple Mehandi Designs For Kids


Even if you aren’t entirely sure what Mehandi is, or you haven’t heard the term used before, you have most likely heard of or seen henna. Not many people realize that Henna is in fact a plant which can be found growing in certain parts of Australia, Africa, and Asia. The plant is used to make past, and this paste was subsequently used to paint different parts of an individual’s body—most often the hands and feet. Henna also frequently incorporates other elements, such as essential oils or turmeric.

The use of henna has become exceptionally popular. It has been used in a variety of countries and cultures to dye hair and create beautiful body art. Mehandi is essentially the application of henna when it is used to paint parts of the body. Although Mehandi has been growing in other locations around the world, its practice and tradition originates in the middle east and India. It belongs to a variety of different cultures. The word Mehandi, or Mehndi, can be traced back to the Sanskrit word mendhikā.

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Originally Mehandi, which has been practices for about 5,000 years, was used primarily for rituals, ceremonies, and other artistic purposes. The earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books even mention the use of Mehandi. Mehandi is still used for rituals even today, especially for Indian brides.

Mehandi is important for its obvious cultural significance. The tradition of applying henna has been in existence and passed on throughout countless generations, giving it sentimental and religious meaning. While some people embrace Mehandi because it is a part of their people and their culture, others love it because it gives them a chance to experience the heritage of a different country, and its traditions, in a very personal and beautiful way.

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Apart from that Mehandi is also very beautiful and stunning. The individual designs vary according to a specific culture, but in general, all Mehandi is visually appealing. It is also a great alternative for people who want to decorate their body but don’t want the permanency of a tattoo. This gives them the chance to be a canvass for beautiful art, and express themselves for an extended period of time, but not for the rest of their life. Of course, this also makes Mehandi perfect for children. They can enjoy flaunting beautiful designs on their hands, arms, and feet, that will last for some time, but not stay with them into adulthood.

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