Best Mehndi Henna Kits


In India ladies are quite fond of apply mehndi to their hands as well as hair. Mehndi in India holds a cultural significance whether there is any festival, marriage, karva chauth or any family function ladies don’t miss out a single chance to adorn mehndi to their hands to make them look beautiful. That’s the reason why henna mehndi kits are so popular in India. When we talk about mehndi kits there are numerous brands available in the market that bring their customer with variety of products. In today’s era, new styles and designs of mehndi are coming adding more fun and glamor to it. To make henna application more exciting, and fashionable there are a vast variety of designs and kits available in the market to give us the choice to choose best for our hands.  Every product has its own outcomes but honestly more or less they have a common function.

Some people are afraid of the thought of hair damage due to chemicals associated with coloring hair. Try henna, it is the best and natural way to color and nourish your hair. Not just hands mehndi has medicinal properties as well. It is widely used as dye and conditioner by men and women. It renders beautiful color to hair giving your hair a lustrous look. Henna is prominently used for tattoos on different parts of the body. Henna tattoos are made around navel, arms, wrist, back, and shoulder. Henna is also used for body art and is quite popular nowadays especially in the west.

Today we are going to discuss the best mehndi kits available in the market so that you don’t end up purchasing any foul products, damaging your skin and wasting your hard earned money.

1.Khadi Natural Herbal Natural Henna

Khadi black henna is a 100% natural kali mehndi and is a premium quality product by Khadi. This is an effective hair mehndi and provides soft black hair. It is an Ayurvedic hair cleanser and works in maintaining healthy hair growth. Not just it gives long lasting color to your hair but also repairs hair damage, breakage, removes dandruff and lice. It is natural conditioner and softens hair to give those lustrous black locks. It is suitable for both men and women. It comprises of natural herbs which improves hair strength. It is a certified Khadi product which a trusted brand.


Neelpatti, Bring raj, Henna, Gudhal,Kattha, Amla, Harad ,Kasheesh, Jatamansi , Nimbu Sat , Kala Kattha

Directions to use:

Mix 10 grams of henna powder with water to make a smooth paste. Apply this on hair and leave it for about 30-60 minutes or till it dries. Avoid using shampoo at the very first go. Just rinse with plain water thoroughly.

Product Description:

When it comes to dyes and herbal hair care one can trust the brand Khadi. This Khadi Mauri herbal black henna comes in a pack of 4. The product is purely organic and natural and is prepared with best quality natural ingredients and extracts. The herbal products by Khadi are prepared by village ladies (Maruti mahila Swawlambi Sansthan) at Gramodyog, Lucknow. Khadi products come in best quality and are infused with natural extracts which makes them 100% chemical free. This kali mehndi conditions hair to make them look healthy and darker in color.

2. Habib’s Aesthetics Henna Mix

Habib’s Aesthetics is one the known and emerging brand name delivering quality products that are claimed to impart shine and strength to hair.
Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Henna, Jatamasi
Price and Quantity:

INR 200 for every packet of 200 grams.

Product Description:

Habib’s Aesthetics henna mix is so popular in the market because they combine medical herbs with henna to ensure complete protection to hair ailments, and provide optimum scalp conditioning. Bhringraj, brahmi and amla act so well on scalp to ensure the desired color to hair and make the hair manageable.

Pros of the product:

  • As compared to other henna mixes it provides good grey hair coverage.
  • Deeply nourishes and conditions your hair to give them a lustrous look.
  • Gives a beautiful tint to your hair.
  • It has a very pleasant fragrance.
  • Imparts shine to hair and makes them stronger and lesser prone to breakage.
  • It has a convenient packaging. So if you are planning to order it online go ahead.

As such there are no cons for this product. It is ideal to use for all hair types and is a premium best quality product.

3. Patanjali Herbal Mehndi Natural Henna Powder

Patanjali herbal mehndi has the goodness of 11 herbs which deeply conditions hair and gives your hair a tint of nice brown color.

mehandi, amla, methi, shikakai, bhringraj, brahmi, neem, gudhalphool, katha, chai patti green
Product description:

It works as a conditioner and strengthens hair. It improves hair growth, removes dandruff, reduces hair fall and acts as a cooling agent to scalp. This comprises of Ayurvedic herbals like amla, neem, methi seeds etc.

Directions to use:

As per directions mix the mehndi in an iron pot and keep it soaked in water overnight. You can also use a coffee concoction to soak Patanjali mehndi as coffee gives a nice deep brown color to the hair.  As per your preferences you can also mix beet juice, curd, egg or oil as well.

Apply the paste the next day and keep it for almost 2 hours. Don’t use shampoo at the first time when you remove the mehndi. Just rinse with water.You may feel that your hair are bit dry. Oil the hair next day and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You will surely be happy with the results after wash.

Pros of Patanjali Herbal mehndi:

  • It is easily availablon any medical store or Patanjali store. It is also available online.
  • Comes at a very affordable price.
  • It comprises of the mixture of 11 natural herbs which itself is a great composition.
  • Gives your hair a nice tint of brown color.
  • Prevents dandruff in hair.

Cons of Patanjali Herbal Mehndi:

  • You cannot use it instantly. You will have to soak it at least before 4 hours to get proper color.
  • Requires iron pot for mixing it to get better results.

4. VlCC Ayurvedic Henna

VLCC is one of the well-known and leading brands in the India. It is significantly known for its naturally created products.


Henna, Margosa, Muskroot, Shikakai, Indian Gooseberry

Product Description:

This product is brought to you by VLCC which is a secret behind beautiful hair and skin. VLCC has a lot of skincare and hair care products available in the market and is a well reputed brand when it comes to hair. VLCC herbal mehndi provides dark hair color, adds luster to your hair and promotes hair growth. This mehndi is enriched with Vitamin C, E and natural proteins which are claimed ingredients for nourishing roots of hair. Ingredients like Margosa fights scalp infections, Muskroot promotes hair growth and Indian gooseberry adds luster to hair.

Price and Quantity:

INR 49 for a 100-gram packet.


  • It works as a great conditioner and adequately conditions your hair by making them soft.
  • Usually, mehndi dries up the hair. However, the VLCC herbal mehndi does not dry up the hair.
  • It adds a good color to the hair.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Works as a relaxing and cooling agent.
  • Imparts smoothness to hair.


Although it makes hair smooth it fails to add shine to hair.

5. ShahnazForever Henna Precious Herb Mix

Shahnaz Hussain is considered to be a beauty expert in India and her products are well claimed and well known.


Neem, Babul Gond, Henna, Amla, Shikakai

Product Description:

The Shahnaz Forever Henna herb Mix is a powerful blend of henna and other herbs which helps in strengthening hair and also conditions them. It not only colors your hair but also control problems like hair loss, dandruff, scalp problems and also restores the beauty and health of hair.

Price and Quantity:

INR 90 per 100 grams


  • It makes hair silky by conditioning them.
  • Also, helps in making hair frizz free.
  • It deals with hair problems.
  • It gives your scalp a relaxing and soothing effect.
  • It has a pleasant fragrance, unlike other stingy henna kits.


You won’t be happy with its packaging as it’s not up to the mark.

6. Kaveri Herbal Henna Mehndi Cones

Kaveri Mehndi cones are the hand mehndi ready cones and are used as tattoo kit. It is made of natural products and gives the best darkest color on your hands.


Nilgiri oil (Eucalyptus), Henna

Product Description:

Kaveri mehndi cones are 100% natural henna cones with no added chemicals, no PPD, no ammonia and no other side effects on skin. These are clinically tested. Along with henna it is based on Nilgiri oil which gives the best results. The shelf life of these cones is 1 year. These mehndi cones are multipurpose and can be used for tattoo art as well. These cones are excellent when it comes to making your hands look lively, impressive and beautiful with those lovely mehndi designs.


One box comprises of 12 cones. Each cone weighs 25 grams.


The henna cones Comes in plastic container for safety reasons. This container can be used for storing other things as well.

Directions to use:

  • Make sure you clean your hands, feet or skin surface before applying henna onto them.
  • Slightly cut the tip of the cone and gently squeeze the cone to make body art or mehndi designs.
  • Always keeps a damp cloth by your side in order to clean or remove mistakes done while making the designs.
  • After application let it dry for 3-4 hours.
  • After henna dries, gently peel off henna flakes using tissue paper or towel. You can use mustard oil to peel off henna easily.

For excellent color results, avoid using soap for a day.

7. Biotique Henna Powder for hair color

Biotique is also one of the brands which claim that its products contain natural ingredients and has no harmful preservatives. The brand has a lot of products and one of them is Bio Fresh henna.


MeliaAzadirachta powder (neem), LawsoniaInermis (henna), TerminiliaArjuna powder (arjunchhal), GmelinaArborea powder (Gambhari), Arabica Gum ,MangiferaIndica (Mango seed powder).

Price and Quantity:

INR 199 for per 90 grams

Product Description:

Biotique freshly ground henna powder is a perfect blend of natural henna leaves. It also has mango kernel and bark of Arjun tree. When this is mixed with water, the ingredients dissolve perfectly to give a luxurious paste. This paste nourishes your hair by conditioning it. It gives a tint of rich brown color to your hair and shine to your hair.


  • It works as a good hair conditioner.
  • It works best for dry and brittle hair.
  • Does not change the color of hair but adds a little tint to your hair.
  • It comes in a convenient tub packing.


  • Low quality

It is quite expensive compared to other henna products available in the market. Moreover the quantity given for the price is too.

8. Earth Henna Kit

Earth henna is not an Indian product but is made in USA. Every batch of the product is handpicked and tested for safety and freshness. This product comprises of all natural, long lasting and organic ingredients and is absolutely safe for use for adults or children as well. It does not contain any toxic chemicals or PPD. The main ingredient of this henna is Jagua fruit which is grown organically. The tattoos made by earth henna last between 10-15 days.


Water, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Henna Powder, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate

Contents of kit:

This kit comprises of following contents:

  • Professional applicator bottle with fine tip
  • 2 Easy to use and reusable stencils transfer sheets
  • 9 grams of henna powder
  • 36 ml Earth henna solution
  • 8 ml eucalyptus oil for stencil transfer
  • Flat toothpicks for the purpose of touch up
  • One plastic cone bag
  • One dropper for adding appropriate amount of water to freeze organic jaguar powder.
  • Step by step instructions card for full proof application procedure.

Product description:

Earth Henna temporary tattoo it comes with everything that you need to create beautiful and stylish body art designs.  Premium henna powder is mixed with Earth henna solution to make a perfect henna paste. The paste is then transferred to applicator bottle with fine tip. Just squeeze it and create designs. This is the only mehndi kit available in the market which offers Jagua which is ready to use whether its two years from time of purchase. All you need to do is add water and mix to create Jagua gel which can be refrigerated and used till 2-3 months. Every time you will use it, it gives perfect consistency. It has reusable stencil transfer. The jaguar quantity is enough for approximately 15 designs. You can create fun temporary tattoos using this Kit by Earth Henna and they are safe to use. These temporary tattoos look like real ones and last for 10-15 days. This product is dermatologically tested and up to standards. Earth Henna Jagua extracts directly comes from Peruvian Amazon.

Highlights of Earth Henna Kit:

  • The henna in the kit is sufficient to create 20-30 henna designs.
  • Henna powder and solution are pre-measured for ideal consistency each time you use it.
  • The tattoos last for 10-15 days.
  • Comes with applicator tip and fine tip to create designs.
  • Comes with 35 design stencil transfers which are reusable. Each can be reused for 5 times.
  • No permanence and no pain
  • Henna paste can be refrigerated and lasts for four weeks.
  • It is perfect to be used for festivals or weddings for creating gorgeous henna designs. 

How to use it:

  • Pour henna powder in the cone bag and add the pre mixed solution.
  • Seal the cone and gently massage the contents until smooth.
  • Wait for one hour before using it.
  • Using scissors make a small cut at the tip of the cone.
  • Now squeeze the paste into applicator bottle.
  • Twist the fine tip.
  • You are ready to create your henna design. If you don’t want to create the designs free hand you can use stencil transfer for creating amazing designs.

Stencils Transfer Application:

  • Choose a design from the stencil page.
  • Apply a generous amount of eucalyptus oil to the area you want to create a design on.
  • Place the stencil face down and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • Remove stencil and you will see the design transferred to the skin.
  • Now slowly trace the stencil outline with henna paste squeezing the applicator bottle.

Once the design is completed these are steps you need to follow:

  • Dry the design for 30 minutes.
  • Check if the paste is dry and sticking properly to skin.
  • Wait for 6 hours before removing the henna.
  • Peel off the henna paste using fingers.
  • Initially you will see a little color. Wait for 24-48 hours to get the rich reddish brown color.
  • Soak applicator tip in hot water after use. So that the tip is not clogged.
  • Use Q-tips to wipe away mistakes. You can also use toothpicks to even out the designs.
  • Henna permanently stains fabric and fingernails. So make sure you don’t apply it on fingernails.
  • If you are going to bed with henna on, wrap it with bathroom tissue to avoid staining sheets.

NOTE: Person using Earth Jagua Gel should check the ingredients first to check for any potential allergic reactions. It is only for external use. Not to be taken internally. Kindly avoid contact with eyes. If happens, flush it with water. Avoid making a second application on the same spot until the first one has completely disappeared.

9. Jovees Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehndi

Jovees has a wide range of herbal and Ayurvedic products. These products are produced by combining powerful herbs and natural products.


Amla, Anar Bark, Henna, Margosa, Brahmi

Product Description:

This product is enriched with precious herbs and natural proteins. The Jovees Henna Herbal Mehndi not just colors your hair but also promises to strengthen the hair roots. This product also claims to provide body, luster and volume to hair. This product works excellent for lifeless and dull hair.

Price and Quantity:

Each kit of 150 grams costs you INR 185


  • This henna adds volume to your hair.
  • It conditions your hair and deeply nourishes them to give your hair a shiny look.
  • It has a convenient and high-quality packing.
  • It does not dry your hair.
  • It has a pleasant and tolerable fragrance, unlike other henna kits.
  • The color stays for a longer period of time
  • Covers and colors your gray hair.


It takes time to give you results. It doesn’t give immediate results.

10. Heena City Tattoo Kit

Create realistic tattoos with this easy to use Henna city temporary tattoo kit. By watching the tattoos nobody can make out that they are not real. You can make these tattoos in any party, birthday, baby shower, sleep-over, day at beach, graduation party, family gather or any celebration to add more fun to the celebration.


Disodium EDTA, Jagua Juice (Genipa Americana), Citric Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid Water, Xanthan Gum, Sorbitol, Silica Dioxide, Potassium Sorbate.

Product Description:

It is made of all natural ingredients like fresh jaguar fruit extract. It gives excellent dark color and the tattoos retain their color until two weeks.

It is 100% safe and natural. No additional toxic chemicals are being added to product. This kit creates realistic black and blue tattoos. The best part is four sheets of stencil transfers are there to create variety of designs. It is ready to use products and any sort of mixing is not required. This kit includes 1 oz. jagua gel. This gel is sufficient to create 30 designs approximately. The kit also includes applicator bottle with 4 interchangeable metal tips.

How to use it?

  • It is ready to use just twist the applicator cap and select the tip of your choice from the set of 4 interchangeable tips.
  • Slowly trace the stencil outline by squeezing the applicator or make your own design by free hands using your own imagination.
  • Jagua Gel stains very quickly so make sure you don’t make mistakes while making the design as it may smudge your design.
  • The design takes 60 minutes to dry but to get best results keep it on for at least 2-3 hours.
  • You can remove the gel by washing off the gel with running water.
  • The design will start to darken with time and it may take 24-48 hours for the color to fully develop.

11. Kona Henna Body Art Kit

Kona Henna is known for its finest natural ingredients. Kona henna has the freshest Certified Organic Indian Henna powder to ensure that a smooth henna paste is what you get with no clogs. This henna solution is designed to create the longest lasting henna designs and gives the darkest staining. Kona Henna kits gives perfectly measured batches of Kona Henna solution and Kona henna powder which has perfect consistency every time you use it and is very easy to use.

Contents of kit:

  • 2 pages of Kona Henna transfer designs which can be used to trace stylish designs to body.
  • .9 mm of professional Henna applicator bottle.
  • 2 batches of certified Organic Kona henna solution and Certified Organic Kona Henna powder.
  • ½ oz. bottle of Certified Organic Eucalyptus Oil which has a convenient flip top lid.
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton pads
  • Step by step sheet of pictured instructions.

 Product Description:

With this henna, there is nothing to make, no mess. Every time all you get is Perfect henna paste consistency. This kit contains everything you need to create professional quality Henna at home. With this making henna designs is as easy as tracing. Just transfer the design to skin and simply trace it and fill it.

The henna is 100% natural plant dye and made from the leaves of henna scrub (lawsoniainermis). It is been used from past 5000 years to create beautiful reddish brown designs to decorate skin. Not just India it is used in the Middle East and Northern Africa for celebrations and weddings.

How to use it?

  • It basically works in five steps: Pour, Mix, Fill, Transfer and trace.
  • Pour the henna powder and henna solution in a small plastic bag.
  • Mix the henna powder and solution properly by massaging the plastic bag from outside.
  • Fill the applicator bottle with the paste you have made.
  • Transfer the Kona transfer designs on the skin.
  • Now trace the stencil placed over the skin and let it dry.
  • After you are done the henna paste will stay on the skin for 3-12 hours and with time it will start to gradually fall off.
  • The longer the paste stays on the skin the darker will be the color of the design.
  • The full color comes after 48 hours. Initially, the design will be of lighter orange color.

The color and life of design depend on the placement and skin type. If it’s closer to hands and feet it will last longer and will be of darker color. If it’s on palms and soles it will last longest that is 4 weeks.

12. Oxyglow Henna with Ayur Product

Oxyflow henna is excellent to be used for body tattoos and hair as well. It gives a perfect hair color along with conditioning them. The product contains no added fragrance or color. It helps in treating dandruff, scalp infections and also works in calming of scalp.


Amla powder, Shikakai powder, Henna powder and Brahmi powder


500 grams

Product Description:

As our skin requires a daily care, even our hair requires the same. If you are looking for something for that extra care for your hair you can use Oxyglow Herbal Henna treatment. This product comprises of pure herbal ingredients which add shine to your dull hair. This treatment also works great for hair loss and strengthens hair from root to tip. It has protective and restorative powers which make it capable of bringing back the health of damaged hair and restores the acid alkaline balance to the scalp.

13. Herbs and Crops Natural henna

Herbs and Crops natural henna powder is a world famous product for its freshness and high Lawson (coloring) content.


227 grams


Lawsonia Inermis

Product description:

Herbs and Corps process handpicked henna leaves giving it best purity and mesh. At every process proper hygiene and precautions are taken care of to get best henna for their customers. No other additives are added to natural henna powder. The proper henna mesh makes it easy to sift in liquid and makes its application easy.

Store it in dry and moist place. It does not contain any products which can cause allergy.

14. Jacquard Henna Mehndi Kit

Jacquard Henna Mehndi kit is imported from US. It can be used by any gender and children above the age of 12. The henna stays on skin for 7-12 days.

Product Description:

His kit is an exotic non-permanent body art kit and you can enjoy this ancient art at home using this kit. This kit contains everything you need to create mehndi designs. It includes henna powder, applicator bottle with tip, sugar/citric acid, eucalyptus oil, mordant liquid, Q-tips, mixing sticks, cotton swabs, idea booklet and instruction set. The designs stay up to 12 days. Using this kit you can create colorful body art with designs.

Additional tips

  • Make sure you read through the ingredients while purchasing the henna kits. It should be 100% organic and natural.
  • Choose finely sifted henna powder as its safe and hand crafted.
  • There is a natural dye that henna leaves produce which a powerful stain is called lawsone. The process of staining begins when you apply henna paste with lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils.
  • Allow several hours to dye to penetrate the top layers of skin.
  • Make sure henna kit doesn’t have chemicals like PPD (paraphenylenediamine) which is added to kits to produce black henna color. These chemicals are a health risk.
  • Don’t forget to do a simple skin test in some isolated part of the body. Check the reaction of henna tattoo design on that portion. Check your skin is allergic to that product or not. If it is good to go ahead and use it for body art.
  • To make henna tattoos stay longer apply high quality essential oil on henna design and avoid the touch of water to your henna design.

Pick any one of these henna kits and use it for your hair, hands or body art. Invest wisely and enjoy the results. Use these kits to make amazing and fun designs for celebrations.