Beautiful Lord Ganesha Heena Patterns


The Beautiful Lord Ganesha Henna Patterns: Indian Women’s Expression of Deep Devotion to God

One of the oldest forms of art practiced in South Asia is the henna tattoo or the art of temporary body are. This is done with the application of a dye from plant sources called Henna. This natural dye extracted from the mignonette has been used since the old ages to dye the hair, the skin, and even the fingernails. It has also been used in fabrics such as silk, leather, and wool.

Basically, the use of henna for cosmetic purposes can be traced to root from Ancient India, South Asia, and the Arabian countries because of specific traditions where skin art, especially during weddings, is part of the heritage and because of the symbolism it carries in terms of the culture and religious background. The Indians and the Muslims have a rich culture when it comes to the use of the henna tattoo art. Muslim women design their hands, fingers and even their toenail with henna to demonstrate femininity as what has been stated in the Hadith, a narration of a prophet in Islam; while it  and this more popularly known as the Mehndi or the Mehandi.

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Mehandi or Mehndi is the process of applying henna to produce a temporary design on the skin; this practice has been a tradition in India and other south Asian countries for ages. An expert henna artist can make intricate designs on the palm for about five to eight minutes while designs on the hands and fingers may take about an hour or two. After the application, henna dries up in a span of 5 to 10 minutes and for a more vibrant tint, it is advisable to spray on lemon juice with sugar.

Some henna tattoo experts say that the best time to apply the henna tattoo art is in the evening and sleeping with the paste on makes the design last longer because the longer it stays applied on the skin, the better color will appear and the longer it will stay. The henna color usually stays on the skin for approximately 3 weeks but it would depend on how often that part tattooed is washed with soap; if people want their tattoos to last even longer, then they have to refrain from using soap frequently when washing the tattooed area. What’s best about henna tattoos is that it’s completely safe for all skin types because it comes from all natural sources and there isn’t a need to use any other chemicals in its preparation.

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The Mehndi carries a special meaning especially for the Indian women; they have what they call as the Beautiful Lord Ganesha Henna Patterns. Women of strong faith to the Hindu God put on these Ganesh Mehndi design to pay their utmost respect and their strong devotion. The designs are not just intended to be put on the hands, but it can also be used at the back or on the shoulders as well.

The Beautiful Lord Ganesha Henna Patterns signifies the beauty of the custom of the Indians when it comes to their wedding traditions because the designs depict sacred images such as the swastika, the Om and, of course, Lord Ganesha. Moreover, any part of the arm of the bride is left uncovered by the Mehandi to create a better impact in their expression of reverence to God.