Attractive Trendy & Stylish Mehandi Design


We have inherited many traditions from other countries together with their symbolism and meaning, and mehndi is clearly one of them. Mehndi is the complex set of patterns and designs that are painted on the women’s body before a wedding.

The bride decorates her hands and feet with henna, continuing the tradition of their ancestors. These colored spots on the skin symbolize the commitment of the bride with her future husband. It is said that the longest the ink remains on your body, and the lasting will be your marriage.

So, we could describe henna or mehndi as a form of temporary tattoo. Henna is used mainly by women from India, Pakistan and some Arab countries, and the patterns and designs of henna or mehndi vary depending on the ages, occasions and preferences.

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But which are the origins of mehndi designs?

The use of henna for beauty and rituals dates back to antiquity. It is said that in Egypt they used to tattoo the bodies with henna before mummifying them so they could have a peaceful journey to the afterlife. In the twelfth century, the Egyptians brought henna to India. It was popularized in the seventeenth century when the Empress Mumtaz Mahal used it for the first time. It was then extended to all the Arab world.

Moreover, the Lawsonia Inemis, the bush in which we can find henna, was discovered because in the desert it was common to crush the leaves of this plant to cool and lower corporal temperature. By placing their feet and hands in this paste to cool down, they realized that dyed henna skin and its color was hard to clean and lasted a long time. It was then discovered that it could be used for decorative purposes on the body.

Mehndi nowadays

Some of the mehndi patterns are very stylized and some of them remain very simple, almost minimalistic. In fact, you can find a lot of different designs for these temporary tattoos, but the truth is that all of them are gorgeous, attractive and very stylish Tattoos.

However, some designs are very common, being one of them the pattern of a bracelet. The design pattern of the bracelet is very popular and common among brides. In this design, the bracelet is made from henna or mehndi on the wrist of the bride.

These beautiful designs and patterns have won over the hearts of women and men who nowadays choose this designs for tattooing themselves forever. The drawing will depend on your taste and you –or your designer- can be very creative in designing it, as it is purely freestyle. Some people like them in red to simulate the original color of henna. Nevertheless, you can choose the colors that best fit with your skin.

As a symbol of happiness and marital union, mehndi brings best wishes, becoming in this way a unique style of tattoo that will protect you and make your hands or feet look fabulous.