30+ Pleasing & Creative Mehandi layouts for Parties & Weddings


Every girl swears by mehendi, in case you must appear ethnic for an important rite subsequently without mehendi the appearance will probably not be totally complete. Mehendi isn’t only adored for its attractiveness; it’s an essential element of the entire rite and is thought to bring fortune. Mehendi comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’, Hindu rite texts and history support using turmeric and henna paste.

Henna or mehendi is derived from mehendi plant that is known as the henna tree. History shows that Henna or mehendi was utilized in 19th century in Europe. This Arabic culture has become an important element of Indian custom. Other fun-filled programs like DJ night-time is now an important rite in all communities in India and normally follows mehendi.

Henna is the paste that’s produced from the stalks and leaves of the henna plant and it become mehendi, when it’s used on the hand. To create the henna paste you’ve got to sift the henna powder by means of a nylon strainer. This will definitely help remove balls that could clog the mouth of the applicator. Then pour in a bowl, add 60ml of lemon juice or quarter cup and whisk it into a heavy consistency. Cover with a cling wrap and make sure it remains in room temperature till the dye comes and splits to the surface. Pour into a plastic cone and twist the very top of the cone and fasten it. Apply light pressure with your thumb on the very top of the cone. When it does not work then you have to clip on the point of the cone since this will spoil the layout to enlarge the opening, but be cautious not to make a large cut.

Always clean your hands with water and soap before you apply henna. You can even use alcohol if your skin is greasy based lotion, also to get the colour that is dark on your hands you can apply mehendi oil at the same time. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not advocate henna to be used directly on the skin. Discoloration of skin or Hypo pigmentation has additionally been reported. So in U.S.A. it is used as a hair dye. In case you had allergic reaction to henna avoid it totally. An attempt to your tattoo on your upper arm at which it can be covered by you together with sleeves, if you do not want to reveal the tat that’s faded. Before you use mehendi, notably sticker mehendis that are accessible today, require some protection. In case you are utilizing stones and glitters make sure the adhesive that’s used is friendly. If you get any rash or allergy consult with the doctor immediately.

Consumers and dermatologists state that harmful chemicals like paraphenylenediamine (PPD) are present in the mehendi cones. Do you know the exact same chemical is utilized in ink cartridges for the printing and photocopying machines? PPD may cause restlessness, body pain and itching and is toxic. The henna paste is made by constantly at home. I know the cones that are readymade give you the black and red colour that is desired, but why take the threat?

Normally in India, the traditional mehendi is used but nowadays, you may also discover black mehendi together with red mehendi. Mehendi that is black is very popular in Arabic mehendi designs for hands or feet and is being used to draw borders of the designs to make them prominent.

The first mehendi design is apt for Eid and similar occasions where women love applying henna on their hands. Eid brings happiness to all Muslim homes across the globe; it not only calls for a gala feast, the ladies of the house organize mehendi sessions. Each one applies mehendi on other person’s hand and makes the whole festival so colourful. Some even call professionals to create those intricate mehendi designs. Pakistani mehendi designs and Arabic designs are best for Eid.The above design looks pretty on hands and is not too messy or intricate. It can easily pass off at work without any problem. Use Black Mehendi for the best effect.

How about some unique designs to relieve you from those boring traditional mehendi patterns? Here’s one we love and though it has traditional motifs, the whole design looks very modern.

Here’s another mehendi design for those who want a more filled up look on the hands. The hands are filled with intricate designs and patterns. The flowers and butterfly patterns also make this a great choice for bridal mehendi.

Did you know that unless your would be mother–in-law didn’t apply the mehendi on your hands the mehendi ceremony will not start? Yes this is prevalent custom in some cultures and adds more fun to the whole occasion. Some even tease the bride saying if the mehendi colour becomes really dark then you will have a doting husband, girls really love hearing this over and over again. We don’t know whether these beliefs are based on truth or is just said for fun, but surely no one will ask you to run errands for at least some hours, you can relax for a while.

Here’s how you can be traditional and modern at the same time. This design shows how beautiful patterns can be included on the back of your hands too. The weave patterns and floral patterns make this style traditional yet modern and very apt for weddings.Weddings are incomplete without beautiful mehendi clad hands of the bride. If you love traditional motifs and patterns on the hands, then try this style. Red mehendi makes the design look really beautiful and the red colour makes the mehendi even more prominent. The fingers and palms are filled with designs but they don’t look messy at all.

Love mehendi designs for hands but don’t want your hands to be filled completely with the design? Don’t worry this style is just for you. You can get it creating a small design that uses very little of the mehendi, keep the hand really simple by focusing on just one motif. This is very apt for those who have too many obligations at work to wear heavy mehendi.

This one is for those who want a simple yet traditional mehendi designs for hands!This mehendi design for hands is very easy to do and one can do it themselves. This is great for any occasion and age. The use of very less mehendi makes it very apt for those who desire minimum patterns and motifs on their hands.How about getting mehendi done on Karva Chauth? If you are not aware of Karva Chauth, it is a one day festival celebrated by married woman of North India and Gujarat. After a whole day of fasting, the women look at the Moonthrough the sieve and then look at their husbands. They pray for the long life for their husband and also ask for divine blessings for their wellbeing. This festival is popularized by films and is given a romantic connotation. Mehendi is done a day before Karva Chauth. Women literally compete with each other and flaunt their designs, it is a great way to bond with friends and family.  Here’s one design we loved, it has beautiful and intricate d motifs all over the hand. The gaps in between the designs add to its beauty. These full hand designs will also suite brides and occasions of weddings.A simple yet beautiful design for those who want the mehendi to be minimal yet beautiful. The design is perfect for Eid and small functions.This is a very simple yet feminine design which will look great on any occasion as well as on the hands of the bride. The use of Black mehendi design for hands here makes the design more prominent and beautiful. It makes it bold and is generally used in creating simple Arabic Mehendi designs.Here is another cute design, where very little mehendi is applied on the back of your hands. There are not much intricate designs or shading. Simple yet beautiful designs like this suit all occasions like Eid, weddings and other occasions like your friend’s birthday party, engagement or marriage registration. You can wear them to college as well.

Looking for simple mehendi designs for hands This design may look very simple but it covers the hands with beautiful motifs where required and fills in all the gaps. The diagonal design makes hands look beautiful and can be done on any occasion. This particular design will look good on children too, on whose tiny hands, large designs just don’t sit well.

From some simple modern patterns, we move onto a full hand mehendi design for the wedding occasion. This extravagant design and motif will make anyone go ‘wow’. The intricate designs are traditional and are very microscopic and the pattern on the fingers is quite unusual. The whole patterns used have a modern touch to them.

This pattern again is suitable for brides who want simple yet beautiful mehendi designs. This design is devoid of the messy look. Today’s women don’t like intricate designs but those which are simple and elegant. Many have to join office post marriage so they wear designs that will not raise eyebrows. Brides decorate both their hands and feet for their wedding, since it is their day to look the best. Since, all eyes are on her.The patterns are quite modern and the gaps between them make this a classy choice for the modern bride.

This is apt for occasions like Karva Chauth and engagement parties. On the day of engagement, the whole attention will be on your hands so this pattern will be apt for the day.

Another great mehendi design for the Bride. This design will adorn the hands of the would be bride and make them look very beautiful. Traditional motifs and patterns make this a great choice. The inclusion of symbols of the marriage and love like peacock makes this quite unique.The use of round shape depicting the sun is quite common for traditional mehendi designs, the Vedic customs state the significance since rituals say that traditional designs depict the sun, which is symbolic since it depicts the idea of ‘Awakening  the inner light.

This design looks very unique and fresh. It is not at all a common pattern and will look great on any occasion. The intricate designs on the fingers and the open space on the back of the hands gives this design a fresh look

Love modern designs or are you just venturing into mehendi? Anyone can choose this unique design with the lotus as the central idea. The uniqueness as well as the simplicity renders this design its specialty. If you are just new to the concept or want some unique simple design on the back of the hands, try this one.

Here’s another very simple design inspired from the Arabic mehendi trends. The use of black mehendi makes the design prominent and beautiful. This simple design can be carried off by anyone and can be used on any occasion. If you are in need of a less messy and simple mehendi design, this will be your favorite choice.Here is a simple yet very traditional design for the hands. It consists of traditional Indian mehendi designs and can be used by anyone. The design contains less complex motifs which makes this a good and simple bridal mehendi design.

Bored of the same old colours on your mehendi? Then here’s a way to add some colour to your hands with this Glitter mehendi design. The designs are drawn using normal mehendi and the motifs and patterns are filled using Glitter from the tube. This is a new way of using mehendi and is very popular for parties and casual occasions. Even the modern bride may try this type of mehendi design.

A very beautiful design using weave patternsor jali work and lace patterns on the hands. These patterns look great for marriage occasions. This mehendi is very apt for the bride on the wedding as well as on the occasion of engagement. The design is simple yet very feminine and beautiful.

Here’s another simple design for those who want simple mehendi designs for their hands. These designs make the hand look less messy and the simple design naturally enhances the beauty of your hands. This design is modern with a traditional touch making it a good choice for the bride.

If you want to have a truly colorful mehendi design, try this style with multi coloured glitters and minimal designs. The different colors surely bring out this design and make this apt for the modern age. These can be worn on any occasion and will not look boring or old fashioned. The patterns are also quite unique and modern. A total hit for youngsters.

You can see the use of both red and black mehendi in this design. The fingers are done with red mehendi while the rest of the patterns are done with black mehendi. The design is kept minimal and open portions of the hands add to the design’s beauty.

Do you love doing mehendi yourself? Then try this super easy pattern which is ideal for Eid or any other small occasions. The patterns are kept minimal and simple. The tips are filled in and curved lines as well as floral and geometric patterns are used.You can practice using the mehendi cone and soon you will be able to create designs like a pro.Start with simple design and as you progress try those intricate ones.

Here’s a modern and simple design for anyone looking for a beautiful and simple design for their hands. This pattern includes floral patterns and curved lines. The tips of the fingers are kept open.This design can be done for any occasion or it can be just done for fun.