Variety of Mehndi Designs Images with Art of Mehandi


Top 5 Mehndi Designs for Weddings

Mehndi or henna is applied on hands, feet and other body parts by women of all ages on festive occasions and marriages. A bridal look is incomplete without mehndi and enhances the overall beauty of the bride in traditional Hindu and Muslim weddings. Mehndi ceremony is an important pre-wedding function that is glamorous as well as fun filled. The art of creating beautiful patterns and designs on hands and feet on the occasion of marriage is one of the oldest wedding ceremonies.

Various types of Mehndi designs

1) Indian Mehndi designs

These mehndi designs include complex patterns of peacocks, flowers, leaves and several curls and curves that are unique. There is usually no space between them and is mainly batik mehndi design.

2) Arabic Mehndi

The design of Arabic mehndi has thick outlines of leaves, vines and flowers and is much simpler than the Indian designs.

3) Pakistani Mehndi

Pakistani mehndi designs are a combination of Indian and Arabic styles and there is a right balance of geometric, paisley and flower elements in the design.

4) Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs

This is a fusion style and the bold outlines of the Arabic style are filled with delicate and traditional patterns and designs.

5) Moroccan Mehndi Designs

Moroccan Mehndi designs which are popular in Middle East have geometric patterns and no flowery patterns are included.

6) Mughlai Mehndi

These styles include patterns that are very neat, detailed and have a distinctive style where each curl and dot is boldly accentuated.

If you are a would-be bride and looking for the designs of Mehndi that will make you look very pretty on your big day you can definitely check the following designs:

A. Wedding Mehndi- Pakistani style design

This is a beautiful Pakistani style wedding design which is elegant yet traditional. This design covers the back of hands and arms with elaborate designs, pretty swirls and curls that gives a classy look. You can use the traditional jewelry to highlight the back of your hands to further enhance the effect of the Mehndi.

The feet are covered with beautiful mesh design that is filled with mango motifs and floral patterns. This is indeed a wonderful design for the wedding.

B. Wedding Mehndi- Peacock design

This is the most popular Mehndi design for weddings with a very pretty look. The design covers the complete hands with peacocks, flower motifs, mango motifs and other beautiful borders and curves. It is a combination of the Indian and Arabic style and features detailing.

The feet are covered with border design on the sides and with mesh-like design in the middle. In the center of feet, there is elaborate floral or other interesting pattern. The border like design covering the lower portion of the legs seems like anklets. The design is very fine and looks amazing on bride’s feet.

C. Wedding Mehndi- colored design

The colored Mehndi design is a relatively new concept which is quite fashionable and stylish. If you want a design that is interesting and wish to sport something that is matching with your wedding dress you can definitely choose this style. This is a beautiful design in red and black henna that makes your hands and feet look very beautiful. The colors stand out and overall design is very interesting. The stones are added to create a wonderful henna art and paired with red nail paint and your wedding jewelry this design will look great.

D. Wedding Mehndi- Arabic design

This is a very simple and sober design in Arabic pattern that has beautiful mango and floral motifs. There is distinctive floral art with a vertically continuous pattern. The design covers the index finger and the palm and arms and there are some spaces that accentuate the design. The feet too are covered with awesome curves and designs in Arabic pattern on one side.

E. Wedding Mehndi- Paisley Print

The paisley print design is classic and it includes curved motifs in various forms such as mango design, peacock design. There are beautiful flowers at the fingertips and large paisleys on palms. The curvy tips are adding smooth flow in the design and intricate strokes are emphasizing the symmetry. The design has 2 beautiful elephants on both the arms and lovely peacock and mango motifs. The Mehndi at the back of the hands simply looks terrific with the intricate designs and patterns.