Stunning Tips to Darken The Colour of Mehandi



Mehandi is a fabulous way for women to look gorgeous. The name mehndi or heena, own have a unique identity and specification. Every girl and women uses mhandi designs to enhance their beauty. Mehandi is an art which has the symbol of love and good luck. Mahendi designs are made by women and girls at most of the occasion which create a traditional look to their beauty. Marriage is a remarkable occasion for every bride and bride-groom. Brides have right to look prettiest and stunning and mahendi have a great significance for a bride and bridegroom to make this day delightful.

Mehndi design style photo 71

As the design of mehandi is consequential, the colour of mahendi design has its own importance. As they say in Hindi “jitna gahra rang…utna gahra husband ka pyaar”. This phrase is sufficient to explain the importance of colour of mahendi. Mehndi can be categorized in various types like-

  1. Indian mehandi
  2. Arabic mahendi
  3. Pakistani mahendi
  4. Bridal mehani
  5. Heavy mahendi
  6. Stylish mehandi
  7. Rajasthani mhndi

Every form of mahendi pattern have their own beauty but their beauty get more glamorous when the colour of pattern is stunning and darken. There are some tips which can help to enhance the beauty of mahendi thru dark its color.

  • Use characin oil or Neelgiri oil:-

To have darker colour of Heena design, wash your hands and then use characin oil or Neelgiri oil as a lotion after that make a latest mehandi pattern as you want. These oils warm up the hands which grab colour of mahendi at your hands.

  • Leave it for sufficient time:-

To get the pitch-black color of Heena, the pattern should be left on hand for minimum 7-8 hours. If you leave it for too much time, it can grab the color again from hands. So it is sufficient to keep it 8 hours. But don’t wash hands with water and don’t use soap, just rub your palms together and scrape it out. Try to not to come in contact with water for next 12 hours.

  • Apply combination of lemon and sugar:-

Take 1 lemon and 1 small tbs. of sugar, mix it well and apply this syrup when Heena design start get dry, this mixture should be applied in every 10-15 minutes. This helps heena to be stable in your hands and leave a beautiful colour at your hands.

  • Smoke of the Cloves:-

After apply mixture of sugar and lemon, heat a few cloves over any pan and then run your hands carefully over the smoke of the claves for few minutes. Let the smoke dry sugar-lemon syrup applied on your hands so that it can give your hands rich pinch-black penetration.

  • Apply ointment (balm, iodex) after scrape out mehandi:-

To get copper-coloured design in hands, after scrape out mahendi from hands you can use any type of ointment like- balm, iodex as a lotion. These ointments are very helpful to give darkest color to the design. It helps to warm up your hands that lead a pitchy shade to your palms and feet.

  • Use of lime(chuna):-

To get instant blackish shade in hands, lime (chuna) can be a good option. Chuna gives blackish shade to the color of the design. Chuna is used with Mustered oil. Mix chuna paste with 1 tbs. mustered oil well and make a fine paste then use it as a crème on hands and feet safely after scrape it out by rubbing your hands.

The prettiness of Mhandi pattern blooms out with the charm of color of it. This beauty can enhance with the help of these above tips. These tips are tried and experimented, it really works.