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Look great without spending hours on your designs every time get your hands looking glamorous for any occasion that you want. It is great to be able to dress up. You can really dress to impress on any occasion. There is a growing trend to making your hands look as much a part of the outfit as the rest of you. It is really important that you create your own style and that you stand out in a crowd. When clothing shops carry lines that all looks the same people turn to their accessories to make a difference. You can buy jewellery or a watch to show off your fashions sense but these can turn out to be expensive purchases. So how can you make new designs that look great? What are the different ways of being the person that has fabulous designs on their hands for that next social event?

Creating your own designs

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Carrying out a cosmetic pattern can be difficult to achieve. It takes a great deal of skill, time and attention to create some of the wonderful designs that you see in the magazines. This is especially true if you are a busy woman who has a home to look after and children to deal with. If your life is filled with a lot of activity then you will need to take time out of from your day to use a lot of energy and time to do something like this. The skills needed to produce something like this are not learned immediately. It does take plenty of time as well as practice to master these. Therefore to complete a cosmetic pattern that appears professionally completed isn’t always an easy thing to do. Actually with only the use of lessons and books, you could find it extremely tough to get similar designs on by yourself. You would want to master the art and this takes patience and dedication. The fact is that it can be an even be a problem if you have help. To get the most accurate designs you will have to work even harder than before and you may need the assistance of a second person.

Using stickers can help

This solution can be to just go out and buy stickers to apply to your hands. All of these stickers are temporary. So you don’t have to worry that the combination does not have natural things going into it that your skin might itch or get a rash or become reddish when the oil is applied. Some people have sensitive skin and get itchy when the combination is not totally natural or when they use other glitters, oils or compounds to make the colours more permanent. Using a sticker instead of the more traditional designs takes away the potential for the design to cause problems for your skin. You must look after your skin so the use of temporary designs helps you to protect yourself in this area. At times, you may find issues such as you are going out one evening but want the design removed for the next day. Sporting it to your work or to your faculty or school can land you in trouble. This is not an issue with temporary stickers because you can just remove them nobody will know that they were ever there! You can go out one day with the most fabulous design and then go to school, work or faculty the next and you will be as presentable as you need to be.

Look great

These designs will be the envy of your friends and family as you can look great at a fraction of the cost in a very short space of time. This is a fantastic way of being noticed because your hands are always on show. You can match them with your outfit or match your outfit with your beautiful hand designs. Everyone will be impressed with how you look and you can give off the impression that you have spent a lot of time and much money to get that look! The benefits are that you get to look great, you don’t have to become a master in the art to get that look and it will cost you much less than all of the things you need to learn and become a master in the art of mehndi.

Not just for weddings

Mehndi designs are traditionally associated with weddings. These designs here are so good that they will set off your outfit for any event in your year. It is about how good you look and how well the design complements your outfit that makes the difference to your choice of design. A temporary design means that you get to try out all the different options until you can settle on the ones that you love the most. When you have your perfect designs then you can wear them time and time again to impress your friends, family and anyone else you meet!

Try out our patterns

Try our cosmetic patterns and you will be surprised a how many comments you get. They are a great way to get noticed and then you can remove them whenever you like, as they are temporary. They don’t harm your skin and they are removable when you have finished with them. You can show your friends and family how interested you are in fashion and design with these great stickers. You can look great for any occasion that you want to in double quick time.

There are different coloured or natural looking decals that you can get. You will want to try them all eventually because they look fantastic and will really set off the outfit that you are wearing. You want to be seen as an individual and this is a great way of achieving that without spending a lot of time and money. Try as many as you like! Below are some mehandi stickers you could try to get you started.